Announcing the BLE Dance Troupe’s Summer 2018 repertoire

One of the hallmarks of the BLE dance troupe is that every summer, we choose two different regions of Greece to spotlight in our performances through music, dance & attire. We are excited to announce that our featured regional traditions for summer 2018 are Thrace, and Asia Minor and the Northeast Aegean islands!

Our Asia Minor and Northeast Aegean repertoire features dances from Erythraia, Chios, and Limnos, among other locations. Our troupe will demonstrate the diversity of this region’s dances, performing both freestyle and choreographed couple’s dances, circle dances, and several unique configurations rarely seen in other regions.

Video credit: Marcelle Abi-Esber
Music: Domna Samiou, “Yiatzilariani” from “Mikrasiatika Tragoudia”(2017)

Meanwhile, characterized by their complex rhythms and intricate footwork, the dances of Thrace are beloved by audiences and performers alike. Several dances in our repertoire will feature the characteristic belt-hold of the region, with the men of our troupe leading the line.

Video credit: Marcelle Abi-Esber
Music: “Dora Stratou 3, Parousiazei Chorous Kai Tragoudia Apo Ti Thraki Kai Ton Ponto”

Join us at any of our upcoming festival appearances to enjoy our summer 2018 repertoire!



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