Demonstration at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Department of Traditional Attire and Decorative Arts focuses on maintaining and expanding our collections of traditional garments, jewelry, textiles, and other handicrafts from Greece and the Hellenic world.This includes performing extensive research; cataloging and maintaining our collections, determining repairs as necessary; planning for the acquisition, purchase, or donation of new items; and the design and reproduction of certain pieces or components, as well as decor for events and presentations.

To help ensure that we remain faithful to the traditions of specific villages and regions, we extensively research everything from fabrics to motifs to techniques used in Greek traditional attire and decorative arts. Our collections are showcased by our dance troupe, who perform in authentic regional garments from our collection, as well as in exhibits and demonstrations for local organizations like the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Inventory Project

The department is currently overseeing an inventory project, an initiative to catalog, restore, and expand our collections of authentic attires and other textiles, which are used for performances, exhibitions and educational activities.

Because our organization showcases traditions from throughout the Hellenic world, we strive to collect pieces from a broad range of regions. We would love to ensure that your ancestral village or area is represented in our performances and demonstrations! To learn more about sponsoring attire, or to lend your skills as a volunteer, please contact us.

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