The Boston Lykeion Ellinidon’s six departments focus on key areas of interest for the organization and organize relevant events and activities.

The Department of Traditional Dance organizes dance workshops, private & small group instruction, and visiting troupe performances, and researches regional characteristics and variations in traditional Greek dance.

The Department of Traditional Attire and Decorative Arts focuses on maintaining and expanding our collections of traditional garments, jewelry, textiles, and other handicrafts from Greece and the Hellenic world.This includes performing extensive research; cataloging and maintaining our collections, determining repairs as necessary; planning for the acquisition, purchase, or donation of new items; and the design and reproduction of certain pieces or components, as well as decor for events and presentations.

The Department of Traditional Music offers opportunities to learn about and enjoy Hellenic musical culture, from instruction and workshops to concerts and performances.

The Folklore Library deals with the acquisition, cataloging & maintenance of a physical and digital archive of folklore materials and items. We also aspire to pursue temporary and permanent exhibition spaces, as well as avenues for publications & presentations.

The Department of Greek-American Women as Preservers of Hellenic Folk Culture and Traditions examines the unique roles of Greek and Greek-American women throughout history. Activities include workshops and events, and collaborations with academic institutions and other organizations.

The Guardianship of the Greek Language Department celebrates Greek linguistic diversity, organizing workshops and seminars on regional dialects and topics relating to folk culture.

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